My great-great-grandfather, John C. Turner was a member of the first (Anglo) exploration party that arrived in 1860. Six generations of our family have made our home in southwest Colorado (before it was even called Durango). Let us share the rich history and adventure through stories, private guide services, and historic presentations.

~ Jack Turner

John C Turner


John R. (Jack) Turner


Live at the historic Henry Strater Theatre – a series of personal stories told by locals who have called the area home for generations. These “characters” share first-hand recollections and historic family photographs, many more than a century old.


Lead guides are Durango Natives with multi-generational family history in the area.  Their local knowledge and relationships guarantee an insider’s perspective and secrets that only a few visitors have the chance to experience . There are no “canned tours,” all explorations are a collaboration to match your personal experience and preferences.


Interested in Durango area history as told by the locals?  Our programs feature personal stories, historic photos, and memorabilia. Interesting and unusual venues are available or they can be hosted at a location of your choice.   Each is customized by length, content, and your interest.


Mary Jane Clark on Durango Government Television

Mary Jane Clark, the founder of Toh-Atin Gallery (est. 1957), shares her story on Durango Government Television.  It's a fascinating tale of growing up at a trading post, training as a nurse for World War II, hunting, fishing, skiing and other adventures that span...

Tagging Bambi (for wildlife research)

How many people do you know that are a Professor of Biology (Fort Lewis College) and a respected Colorado Rancher? Tom Compton and his wife, Penni, will share their Durango Native Story on June 20 at the historic Henry Strater Theater. This is a program not to be...

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